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Is the housing marketing crashing
In truth, economists don't believe it will. The home market won't crash anytime soon, according to housing economists, for five primary reasons: a lack of new housing construction, a high number of new buyers, strict lending guidelines, and a decline in foreclosures.
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Learn the #1 strategy 
for this Post-Covid Real Estate Market.
After losing their jobs, some people are looking to reduce their homes. Others want a bigger area because they need to work from home or have kids who are old enough to go to school. Others are choosing to wait it out rather than go forward with their initial plans to buy or sell houses.

Real estate experts are working hard to provide for their clients in the center of this dynamic market. Despite the fact that most real estate brokers have boosted their use of technology in recent years, recent shutdowns and ongoing health problems have compelled them to almost entirely rely on it.  They are implementing both modern technologies and a novel approach to conventional, antiquated practices.

Focus on servicenot sales
Real estate agents are salespeople, no doubt about it. You've certainly heard the famous words from playwright David Mamet's "Glengarry Glen Ross," "Always be closing" and "Coffee's for closers." But the year 2020 has turned everything on its head. 

A lot of people look for information to help them make decisions, especially those who are buying or selling real estate. 

Adapt on New Technology
While many agents record these videos using their smartphones, the videos that have the greatest impact involve professional photography and editing. In order for the property to look its best on camera, experts know how to stage and light it. A professional also knows how to edit the video to fit all the information in while keeping it under two minutes.

How long will this market last?
For years, home prices have been rapidly increasing. It's also unlikely that the volatile market will soon undergo an equally steep decline, even if it does manage to settle off a bit.
Why homeowners are 
begging to work with you
You might be wondering if using a real estate agent is turning into a thing of the past given the recent growth of services that assist purchasers and sellers complete their own real estate transactions.
It's true that some people are qualified to sell their own homes, but a quick glance at the lengthy list of frequently asked questions on the majority of "for sale by owner" websites reveals the procedure isn't as straightforward as many people believe. Additionally, having a specialist on your side when things go tough can really pay off.


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